Mojo Crow hatched in late 2012 with singer-songwriter Chris Jones and brother Nick Jones on electric violin & keys.

When Mojo Crow decided it was time to record their debut EP in 2013, they already had a diverse range of material to choose from. With the addition of a third crow Ryan Ouston on drums, they prepared and recorded at Roundhead studios in Auckland. Their self-released debut EP Fly by Night highlights their rock, blues, and alt-country influences with catchy melodies, strong vocal harmonies, and captivating lyrics.

In 2014 after drummer Ryan ventured overseas the band lineup changed with the introduction of Shawn Means on drums, Braeden Foster on bass, and Tim Roper on lead guitar. Not content to limit themselves to one genre, Mojo Crow's original songs are an eclectic mix of alt-country, blues, alt-rock, and reggae. 

Since releasing their debut EP, performing around Auckland, they placed in the national finals and winning the best instrumentalist award at the 2015 Battle of the Bands competition. Their high-energy and crowd-stomping performances have been a regular feature in the Auckland gigging scene frequently appearing at The Portland Public House, Kingsland. 

Mojo Crow's latest album "The Badlands" was released in April 2020, expressing themes of old western films, outlaws, and gold mining with their unique country/blues/rock sound.